Date Updated 10/24/15

Creative Malcontent Projects

Now Departing Planet Earth

A Novel by Josh West

"Now Departing Planet Earth" follows the hilarious exploits of two unskilled yet determined technicians and their quest to expose the devious secret projects going on behind the scenes of the world's most powerful corporation, M.E.H. Corp. The story opens with the company announcing to the world that it will suddenly, inexplicably, close up shop and pour all of its resources into opening a lavish vacation resort...on Mars. The world assumes the M.E.H. executive team has lost its grip on reality but the intrepid techs soon learn this resort nonsense is merely a means to cover up the true endeavor they have been planning for nearly a century. As two employees of M.E.H. facing unemployment the techs are motivated to boldly take on the company and the weird cult that secretly runs the whole operation. What follows is an adventure not quite like anything you've read before. Entertainingly ridiculous and altogether fun, prepare to leave this world behind for one filled with talking robot snakes, flying emergency response vehicle chases and mercilessly uncomfortable office furniture.

Other Projects in the Works

CreativeMalcontent Improvements - This is where I'll be spending most of my time for a while. I'll be improving the "store", integrate it with Zazzle and possibly others to provide a better way to shop for stuff with my artwork slapped all over it.

Interactive Fiction Project - This is a definite MAYBE, as an alternative to writing another straight up novel like the one presented above. Still puzzling out the high level concepts but it has potential, but don't expect anything anytime soon...

And More Artwork - I will publish more artwork eventually. It's been a bit of a slow period in that department, but the ideas are there. Just need to make time to sit down and paint more often.