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The Person Responsible

What is this place? This site is where I, Josh West owner and resident creative spirit, put my mediocre works of art up for ridicule by random web surfing critics.

My humble beginnings:

Josh West, sketching under a tree somewhere in rural central Ohio.

Pictured above is some part of Ohio you’ve never been to. That road in the background was actually, no kidding, named Lonesome Rd. That road as a home address sums up neatly the majority of my early existence. And most of my adult existence. Oddly enough, it’s something I am now rather grateful for as I’m not sure this imagination of mine would have been otherwise afforded enough time to grow and threaten my sanity had I been able to regularly interact with normal children. Nope it was just me, an endless supply of pencils and sketchbooks and journals (thank you Mom and Dad now and forever). And a tree. Shoes optional.

I lack focus. I've been told. I probably have upwards of 5 or 6 personal projects of varying scope and complexity going on at any time, finishing about 1 in every 5 started. Not to mention that day job bit. Still, there are basically three phases I generally bounce between, Artist, Writer and Engineer. This site is intended to be a showcase for the creations of the first two. The last one is probably responsible for causing protracted outages to your Internet access so we won't talk about that guy here.

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